Goldsboro YELDA Program

(Youth Empowerment Leadership Development Academy)

This is a summer program that places 15 students who meet the requirements at various workplaces. This program is funded by the City of Sanford through Community Development Block Grants. The interns take part in a 1 week employ-ability workshop that prepares them for working and areas of business. After the training the kids are positioned in workplaces at which they are required to work a total of 20 hours a week for 7 weeks. This program runs from June to July.


  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Know the basics of how to use and work a computer
  • Consent to a background check
  • Have a household income of no greater than 80% of the Seminole County’s medium income
  • Complete, sign, and turn in an application before the deadline

Program Manager(s):

  • Ms. Patrice Anderson, Vice Chair

Goldsboro H.O.P.E.
(Health Opportunities Prevention and Education)

GHOPE program is a grant funded program awarded by the Fathers Table Foundation in 2021. This program is designed to increase youth services in the community through providing free after school tutoring at the Westside as well as Eastside facilities, and continued operation of the Pre-Collegiate Program, and mentoring program. Teachers facilitate free tutoring sessions Monday- Thursday. Sessions consist of academic subjects, ACT, SAT, and ASVAB. In the spring the students travel to colleges and Universities. Over the summer the students participate in a paid internship program, they tour Colleges and Universities and enjoyed a cultural. The RAP (Reading Acceleration Program) is another program facilitated by a reading specialist and 5 to 8 trained volunteers. This K -2nd grade program assist students with sight words, reading fluency and literacy for 30 minutes a day.

Grant Managers:

  • Patrice Anderson, Vice Chair
  • Britt Henderson
G HOPE Program

Annual Celebration Luncheon

This event is held yearly in the month of May as a fundraiser to raise awareness of unsung heroes in the Sanford community who have given tirelessly to the City of Sanford through volunteer efforts. The categories honored include Trailblazer, Legacy, Humanitarian, Pioneer, and Youth in Motion awards. Each year the honorees are celebrated at a luncheon where their accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.


Annual Celebration for families within the City of Sanford. The Council has celebrated this event for 4 years in honor of the history of the area of Goldsboro and all the great accomplishments made with food, music, games, and prizes. Area residents, community leaders and local law enforcement come out in the month of October to fellowship and improve relationships between community and law enforcement. The event provides families with a free library and community resources agencies are on hand to connect families with access to healthcare, educational opportunities, and local food banks.

Family Game Night

New Fundraising effort designed to foster healthy relationship with families and develop cohesiveness. It was determined that age-appropriate games can help children to think strategically, solve problems creatively, work on pattern recognition and build simple math skills. They also help children develop social skills such as following rules, taking turns, and graceful winning or losing. Game night allows families to unwind and have fun with the community and build relationships within the community as well as strengthen families. This event is held in April at the Dr. Velma Hayes Williams Community center.

Sistas Slumber Party

Held once a year in the summer months at the Dr. Velma Hayes Williams Westside Community Center. Slumber parties are a rite of passage towards independence. But in some ways, they are also an introduction to the concept that your closest friends are the ones who will sit with you through the night, in good times and in bad, and that your friends can form a small but strong family to keep you company always. Sleepover parties allow you to communicate with your peers in a setting that allows you to speak your mind and share your secrets and fears freely to a group of your peers, which is a bit of a rarity in adolescence these days.

Boys 2 Men Social

This event held in the month of May is in its fourth year and is a partnership between the Council, MBK-Sanford, The City of Sanford, local law enforcement, local churches, Seminole County Public Schools, local businessmen and local community leaders to bring males together to continue to help bridge the gap in our communities and provide hope and opportunity for better quality of life. The event demonstrates unity and togetherness to serve one common goal. This event will have youth and adult speakers in a fun-filled environment for all. Upon leaving the event, the males will have a better understanding of their purpose in life, a sense of belonging, and a positive outlook on life and becoming a positive productive citizen. This event is another effort to bring the community together in peace and unity. Participants will leave with a better understanding of community involvement and positive law enforcement interaction.

Past Events and Programs

At its inception Goldsboro Front Porch Council developed programs that assist in the care and concern of the elderly with the elderly self-care initiative, and elderly wellness program, the building of homes, with the collaboration with Habitat for Humanity the council was able to assist in building eight homes in the Pine Level Housing Program. For 5 years the council hosted the United Way Second Best Chance program for credit recovery for high school students. Over the years the council held a family literacy program, a reading clinic, a home repair program where several homes were equipped with reinforced windows and storm doors as well as roof repairs. The council has also partnered with Duke Energy for the weatherization program.

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